Hot Food Menu

We offer hot food FOR PICK UP ONLY at:

  • The Pod (our catering trailer) where will be parked up at the Jockey Lane Car Park, Cranbrook, TN17 3JN. You can pick up between the following times: 5:30pm – 8pm on Saturday evenings. Please check our What’s On page or message us to confirm that we will be there on the date you require. 

Hot Starters

Prawn Dim Sum Dumplings (Hot / Ready to eat)
Delicious, delicate-flavoured prawn-filled dumplings. 4 per portion. Served with crispy garlic, garlic oil and soy dipping sauce. ALLERGY INFO: prawn, gluten, soy, soybean, sesame
Thai Fish Cakes (Hot / Ready to eat)
Allergy Info: Fish, Gluten, Shrimp Portion of 4 delicious Thai fish cakes, supplied with sweet chilli sauce Spiciness: Mildly Spicy
Pork Siu Mai Dim Sum (Hot / Ready to eat)
6 Delicious dim sum dumplings filled with pork. Served with garlic oil and a soy sauce-based dressing. ALLERGY INFO: wheat, gluten, soya, soybean, sesame
Homemade Crispy Spring Rolls (Hot / Ready to eat)
ALLERGY INFO: gluten, egg, shellfish, dairy 4 of Pen's famous homemade mixed vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli dipping sauce. Note: We cannot keep these hot during transportation. However, they…
Chicken Satay Skewers (contains nuts) (Hot / Ready to eat)
3 large skewers of succulent chicken thighs with peanut dipping sauce (served separately but included in the price) with red onion, cucumber and bell pepper salad (served separately but included…


Pad Prik Panang Moo - Pork Panang Curry (Hot / Ready to eat)
Awesome stir-fried sweet dry curry with pork and green beans. Allergy info: contains shrimp, dairy, gluten
Thai Green Curry (Hot / Ready to eat)
Creamy coconut based curry with chilli, Thai basil, courgettes, green beans and coriander. Best accompanied with Thai jasmine rice. Spiciness level: It's got some kick to it! ALLERGY INFO: dairy,…
Thai Red Curry (Hot / Ready to eat)
A classic Thai red curry cooked in coconut milk with chilli, sweet bell peppers, galangal, garlic, lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaf. For an extra special treat, try the melt-in-your-mouth rump…
Massaman Curry (contains nuts) (Hot / Ready to eat)
Delicious Southern Thai / Malay-style curry with potatoes, carrots in a creamy peanut-based curry sauce. Lamb version pictured. ALLERGY INFO: dairy, peanuts, shrimp / crustaceans


Tom Yum Soup (Hot / Ready to eat)
ALLERGY INFO: contains shrimp, dairy, gluten Refreshing and mildly spicy curry with coconut milk chilli, lime, and lime leaves. Pictured with prawns but it can have prawns or chicken or…


Stir-fried Chicken and Cashew nuts (Hot / Ready to eat)
A gorgeous dish of stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts and burnt chilli flakes - the sweetness of the cashew nuts meld perfectly with the chicken and is a nice healthy…
Pad Krapow (Hot / Ready to eat)
Awesome Thai street food favourite - stir-fried chicken with onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, chillies with Thai holy basil. Please note that this dish does not come with rice or the…


Thai Jasmine Rice (Hot / Ready to eat)
Hot Thai steamed rice - great complement to the curries and stir-fry dishes. One portion is enough for one very hungry person or two

Hot Extras

Extra Satay Sauce (Hot / Ready to eat)
Extra satay sauce. Allergy info: contains peanuts, shrimp
Extra sweet chilli sauce (Ready to eat)
Sweet chilli sauce in a pot!